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Pediatric fever limbs but why hair is cool

The child was due to cold and a high fever, but cold, stay limbs temperature gradually declined after skin, hand and foot again slowly geothermal up, this is a kind of false cold really hot phenomenon, under 3 years infant particularly more see. Why can appear this kind of strange false cold really hot phenomenon?
This is mainly because children (especially infants less than the entrails, blood) limbs because of limbs vbi is, therefore, adults easy hair is cool. In addition, children of the nervous system development has not been perfected yet, responsible for managing vasodilation and contraction of the plant nerve happening easily disorder, cause high fever new-onset limbs ends when small blood vessel in spastic contractive condition and hair is cool. Many parents don't understand this kind of circumstance, discovery pediatric limbs hair is cool, they mistakenly think that children get chilled afraid of the cold, with cotton-padded clothes quilt will immediately children wrapped tightly rise, results make pediatric temperature not promptly send out and rose to higher and higher, even happen high fever, twitching.
Therefore, meet limbs hair is cool when children, parents should earnestly difference is true or false cold really hot cold. Discern child is really cold or false cold really hot simple method is: use thermometer measurement child's temperature, such as house there is no clinical ear thermometer usable hand touch child's armpit, or face-to-face exhaled breath of children feel warm degree; Breastfeeding baby still can eat when milk from her nipple tepid feeling, to judge whether a rough pediatric fever and fever degree. If children limbs, and cold alar, forehead, oral areas such as fever or temperature is high, shall take timely measures, and find antifebrile cooling heating the etiology, fundamentally to make a diagnosis and give treatment, lest delay of the illness.
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