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Sooner or later the temperature eat less cold food

Doctors say today, sooner or later, the temperature weather infant easily happened such as fever, cough respiratory diseases.
However, some parents is not clear, children fever exist sometimes illusion, parents should learn to be treated differently.
According to introducing, autumn is infectious diseases in frequency, the child has a fever sometimes lasts for 5-7 days, also can appear pale, mood swings, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other abnormal manifestation. Due to the individual differences, infantile fever overall performance will be different.
Some children has a high fever, but brothers shangqu but fainted, till the temperature gradually declined after skin, hand and foot was again slowly geothermal up. This is a false cold really hot phenomenon, under 3 years infant particularly more see.
False cold really hot are the main reasons why the infant's limbs HP splanchnic, due to less than vbi, limb easy hair is cool. Many parents don't understand this kind of situation, afraid of the cold, cold mistaken for children with thick quilt immediately clothing or the child wrapped tightly rise, the results of children not promptly send out, the bodily temperature rose to higher and higher, even happen convulsion with high fever or "heatstroke" phenomenon. Therefore, meet limbs hair is cool, child if children wear clothes and many, should think possible is a fever of an illusion, then can use clinical thermometer measurement child's temperature, Such as temporary find thermometer, usable hand touch child's metal-studded and armpit, or face-to-face feel children exhaled gas temperature.
Now in the morning and evening of temperature difference in 10 ?, travel around carefully when timely increase or decrease clothes, prevent colds. Especially 0 to 6 years old children, their physique weaker. If the child's temperature in ? - 38 37.5 ? between, no other abnormal manifestation, parents can continue to observe the child's temperature changes, generally need not do any processing. When a child appear symptoms such as fever, cough, shall promptly to the hospital.
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