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The thermometer measurement achievemenst mineral water cleaning small tomato

Food fixed-point procurement, pesticide residue detection, menu examination, dishes shelf-life 2 hours... Food safety is the close the top priority of our work. Yesterday, the reporter walks into the close the fixed-point restaurant, close observation hygiene supervisors how "defend" food safety.
She, wearing presbyopic glasses, put food center thermometer forcibly chuo into a burning cooked a big row, several minutes after uproot them.
"Apart from vegetable as other achievemenst are through the thermometer measurement, the temperature reaches 70 ? above, just can issue." She turn head not forget metasomatism kitchen more than 1: would burn a minute, rawness most easily leave food safety hidden trouble.
This is 12 at noon yesterday, the reporter in the shaoxing university hexi restaurant see scene. Her name is WangZhiJun, shaoxing city health supervision by a supervisor, this year is about to retire. On July 13 date, she and other two colleagues stationed in the shaoxing university hexi restaurant, responsible for restaurant food safety supervision.
Living close race held eve, the municipal public health supervision departments for each supervisor made two pieces of "add new guy" - food center thermometer and environmental thermometer, plus original pesticide residue detector 10,000t escort the close and food safety.
In the morning at 6 45 points, WangZhiJun xu reached the shaoxing university hexi restaurant, beginning to the restaurant purchasing leafy vegetables are appraised.the pesticide residue detection, vegetables must be inspected by qualified can enter into the kitchen.
Subsequently, a WangZhiJun handheld digital thermometer in dining-room environment pacing back and forth, measuring indoor temperature. "High temperature is easy to cause the food spoils, dining-room of temperature control in the best ? below 25." The shaoxing university food safety JianDuZu leader ChenDong force said.
The municipal public health supervision departments specified: restaurant sales dishes shelf-life is 2 hours, overdue should be destroyed, this regulation also fall in supervisors shoulder task.
"Dishes to avoid too greasy, because many foreigners side cold drinks side to eat vegetables, food too greasy easily cause diarrhea." ChenDong force, WangZhiJun and the shaoxing university logistics group vice-president ZhuYunXiang sit together counsel, food safety how to prevent it.
The shaoxing university hexi restaurant specially reception guests, only 16 July this restaurant is reception 2600 person-time, and our business hours are from morning at the evening at the reception, strenuous job for the restaurant staff and supervisors are enormous pressure.
"I told the close friends and relatives, event 10 p.m. later don't dozen my cellular phone at hearing the bell was hearts-in-mouths on, and they were afraid to appear food safety accidents." WangZhiJun now worked 12 hours a day above.
Yesterday afternoon 3 when, shaoxing technical secondary school chorus village routinely held food safety work stair, present at the meeting were vice mayor XuGuoXing health and logistics vice mayor WangHuiLi and chorus village head of the two restaurants etc.
Shaoxing HeGuoJin restaurant of the technical secondary school principals from the restaurant when days and report the next day repast, number of time and menu, everything is step-by-step, orderly.
Reporter DongGuoPing together with supervisors in the restaurant turn leisurely, she warned kingdom restaurant staff gold: "small tomato waits direct entry fruit, with the tap water after cleaning, finally must reoccupy mineral water clean again, this regulation must be strictly implemented."
"Savor each should leave sample 48 hours, aiming at the close of the village live are foreign guests, we ask for retention sample food restaurant photograph, in case of food safety accidents, so that foreigners recognizable." DongGuoPing said.
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